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Ireland 2040 plan is the National Planning Framework that guides long term national, regional, local planning and investment decisions.

Our Research

CSC is researching ongoing the private sector infrastructure investment opportunities that will be shaped by this Government policy.

The influence of changing demographic, cultural, technological, ecological, environmental and social factors will constantly reposition Ireland’s place in the world.

Ireland 2040 Vision:

A fair society
with strong social cohesion and converging living standards throughout the country, in which all individuals, businesses, communities and regions have the opportunity to prosper

More and sustainable choices and options for people, businesses and communities that can positively influence more sustainable patterns of living and working


The highest possible quality of life for our people and communities, underpinned by high quality, well managed built and natural environments.

A creative, innovative and culturally attuned society, whose people, businesses and communities are equipped to further our national economic output and artistic endeavour.


Significant improvement in local and international connectivity that underpins the competitiveness and quality of life of our people, businesses, communities and regions.

A collaborative society
in which our cities, towns, counties and regions engage in new partnerships that benefit people, communities and businesses, both locally and internationally.


Sustainable self-reliance based on a strong circular economy and significant progress towards a low carbon, climate-resilient society while remaining an open, competitive and trading economy.

To be the most successful, advanced, competitive and environmentally sustainable economy and society in Europe.

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